Thursday, October 4, 2012

Third day with Sparrowhawks

Calm and partly cloudy morning, but wind has been increased rapidly during the day. First hours of daylight again with nice Sparrowhawk/ raudkull Accipiter nisus movement with 498 migrating individuals  During last 3 days altogether our team has counted now 2,000 passing Sparrowhawks! In the morning we managed to ring again 3 Sparrowhawks, but due to wind increase we had to take off the nets during the day. In addition, we also catched and ringed 4 Blackbirds/ musträstas Turdus merula.
Chaffinches/ metsvint Fringilla coelebs is slightly ending the migration. Today has been best daily counts of autum season for Greenfinch/ rohevint Carduelis chloris 350m and Linnet/ kanepilind Carduelis cannabina 330m. 

6:25 in the morning. Birdwatchers have to wake early and lights are on in our house - counting starts after half an hour

Another Sparrowhawk is passing the Moon

The rare species - female top birdwatcher: Mariliis aka rarity-Mary is spotting the birds 
We have witnessed how 4-year old White-tailed eagle was hunting for the Wigeon in the morning

At the several attempts, this dive was successful, eagle itself is almost under the water

Eagle is leaving with the unlucky duck  firmly  grasped in his talons. At the same time the Sparrowhawk (left)  is migrating low over the sea. Business as usual, some have a breakfast, some are travelling. 

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