Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One bird in the hand, 100 000 birds on the sea

Yesterday evening was more calm and we put up bird nets again. Early morning we discoverd nice suprise - a Tengmalm`s Owl/ karvasjalg-kakk Aegolius funereus has been succesfully captured and ringed. 
But the day has offered again spectacular visible migration as well. It is suprising that even so late in October, more than 100 000 migrating passerines has been counted. Especially good day for the passing Bramblings/ põhjavint Fringilla montifringilla 20 850m (best for the autumn season). There has been very few daily counts of this species, exceeding over 20 000 indviduals, so Kihnu island has shown again its importance for the passerines on migration. The most common passerine has been Chaffinches/ metsvint Fringilla coelebs again with 74 650 migrating individuals (+ passeriformes 10 000). Finally - first Waxwings/ siidisaba Bombycilla garrulus - a flock of 40 individuals has been encountered on migration. 


Our first Tengmalm's / Boreal Owl (karvasjalg-kakk)

Tarvo is holding first time in hand the Boreal Owl

Crazy Bramblings and Chaffinches flying en masses very low over the sea waves against the strong wind and rain spells

Few flocks of Cranes passed and had serious trouble to fly against wind

Dramatic autumn colors with the yellow Ash tree leaves and rain cloud background
It has been very rainy day and it continues to rain in the evening and ...

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