Monday, October 8, 2012

No doubts - Kihnu is the best place for Sparrowhawk/ raudkull Accipiter nisus autumn migration in Estonia. It has been again day with over 500 migrating Sparrowhawks - 513 individuals were counted today. Hen Harrier/ välja-loorkull Circus cyaneus had best movement of the autumn season - 11m.
It has been again small movement of arctic geese - 4 050m today. At the southern spit also 9 local Brent Geese/ mustlagle Branta bernicla - quite uncommon species in southwestern part of the country. Last days of Crane/ sookurg Grus grus migration - 870 ind. migrating today.
Yesterday has been nice Pigeon migration - Wood Pigeon/ kaelustuvi Columba palumbus 15 100m (best for the autumn season.


Stretching the wings

Brent Goose with the favored food - sea-grass flushed floating by the storm

The smooth-surfing goose

The big splash if the surfing went wrong

Male Bramblings - on is flying another is diving
Autumn colored Aspen trees in the background of sunset colored cloud 

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