Friday, October 5, 2012

It has been stormy day at Kihnu island. Wind turned from southeast to west reaching up to 20 m/s. So it has been very quiet birdmorning with only few passing seabirds. Small groups of Long-tailed Ducks/ aul Clangula hyemalis occured and one 1 Parasitic Skua/ söödikänn Stercorarius parasiticus has been encounterd on migration. 
Mariliis observed in the morning Grey Wagtail/ jõgivästrik Motacilla cinerea at the northwestern tip of the island. And she managed to find also uncommon migrant - Yellow-browed Warbler/ vööt-lehelind Phylloscopus inornatus among the Coldcrests/ pöialpoiss Regulus regulus. Although I was less than 100 meters away scanning another flock, I still managed to miss the bird. This is typical behaviour for this species - they just disappear at front of your eyes. 


In the mid-morning the wind has turned very quickly from the south-east to west. Because of this, waves still came from one direction but wind up to 20 m/s  from opposite side was blowing the white spray off from the wave crests. One Goldeneye is trying to flay away from this violent environment.

Group of Great Cormorants in their regular evening flight to their roosting sites on islets north from Kihnu

At the second part of storm the wind is breaking the cloud cover loose and exiting and dynamic light appears

Fast-running evening clouds above the lighthouse and radars

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