Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The day of sensiations!

Aivo reached yesterday evening to the island, so we had 3 pairs of birders eyes on the island. The total number of migrating birds today has been less than 500 individuals, but Kihnu has showed today again some quality birding. Here are just some best observations made today on the island:
  • SENSATION nr. 1!
Pink-footed Goose/ lühinokk-hani Anser brachyrhynchus - 1 migrating. First for the Kihnu island! This species is seen mostly in spring time when bigger Geese flocks are encountered on migration, but species is rather uncommon in autumn time. This is presumably latest autumn record ever for the country.
  • SENSATION nr. 2!
Black Brant/ kirde-mustlagle Branta bernicla nigricans 1 adult presented near the southern spit. 5th record of this Brent Goose subspecies for Estonia and first for the Pärnu county. This subspecies of Brent Goose breeds in Canada and Alaska, but also in Eastern Siberia. This individual was accomponied by adult Dark-bellied Brent Goose and four 1cy birds so presumably they have bred together in a mixed pair. 
  • SENSATION nr. 3!
Whinchat/ kadakatäks Saxicola rubertra - 1 ind. at nearby village. It is common breeding bird in Estonia, but to see one in late October is another sensiation - this is latest autumn record ever (beating so far known latest autumn recrod with nearly 3 weeks!). 

  • SENSIATION nr. 4!
Still many Pine Grosbeaks/ männileevike Pinicola enucleator moving by. Today 1 ind. feeding at the northwestern part of the island and 3 birds flying around at the southern part. Minimum 13 different individuals are encountered by now on Kihnu island during the autumn season.

  • SENSIATION nr. 5!
White Stork preferred boarder guard radar instead of our radar system. Photo by Margus Ellermaa.

Late White Stork/ valge-toonekurg Ciconia cicionia still presented. One bird was flying around at the southern spit but due to strong southeastern wind returned back to ther north. It has been the same individual, seen on Sunday - bird has several feathers missing from the wing. 

Now, we have deserved a good evening sauna and cold beer. After two weeks our bird survey period is over, so all twitchers can when sleep and work in a peace again :).


Black Brant (second from the right) with Dark-bellied Brent Geese. Note the larger white neck patch and prominent white flanks. Photo by Margus Ellermaa
Another Pine Grosbeak. Photo by Aivo Kkein.

It`s good to do some shopping meanwhile. This shopping trip produced Estonian latest autumn record of the Whinchat. Photo by Margus Ellermaa.

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