Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Less birds, more species

After the very stormy days, the morning was completely windless and sea was calm. Glimpses of sun  have made the weather pleasantly warm and even some flying insects appeared. We are just in the middle of the center of low pressure so called eye, surrounded by the dark rain clouds all around.  Although it has been failry quiet day for the migration, it has offered nice birding. We are sitewatching and it is very quiet for the migration. Only few flocks of Tits are going for the migration. I try to take some photos of feeding Brent Geese/ mustlagle Branta bernicla when Margus spottes something. He tell me that something Coldcrest size bird with pale rump, flew into bushes at front of us. Already half a hour ago he thought that Pallas`s Leaf Warbler/ kuld-lehelind Phylloscopus proregulus called in the garden but when the birr disappeared. Is it the same bird here? After few seconds the bird is out, nice Pallas`s Leaf Warbler staring at us in nice morning sun. I take my camera and get few record shots with shaking hands. It is lifer bird for me and my species number 300 for Estonian list! Big day for the Estonian twitcher. It has been first Pallas`s Leaf Warbler in Estonia during this autumn season.
But the day is not over yet! I continue sitewatching and Margus goes to count local birds on the next spit. He get another good bird for the day - 1cy Montagu`s Harrier/ soo-loorkull Circus pygargus which is probably the latest one for the country.  
Among late migrants - one Spotted Flycatcher/ hall-kärbsenäpp Muscicapa striata feeding in our garden. It seems that calm day has been good for insectivorous passerines - today at least 7 Chiffchaffs/ väike-lehelind Phylloscopus collybita has been encountered nearby field station. 
Among migrants - Wood Pigeon/ kaelustuvi Columba palumbus - 4 160m, Blue Tit/ sinitihane Parus caeruleus -  340m.


Receiving congratulations calls - Tarvo was very happy guy due to achieving his 300 species mark and have received  calls from many fellow birders
Bird of the day, lucky number 300 for me - Pallas`s Leaf Warbler. Photo by Tarvo Valker

Juvenile Montagu`s Harrier. Photo by Margus Ellermaa.

Spotted Flycatcher - clear sign of the warm autumn season. Photo by Tarvo Valker

Even the tiniest birds can fly high. In the calm morning, I have had long awaited opportunity to make flight shots of a Coldcrest. Few birs even started their trip over the sea.

Autumn weather and light can do a tricks

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