Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Active morning, slow day

Morning with nice Sparrowhawk/ raudkull Accipiter nisus movement again. Already before sunrise about 100 Sparrowhawks went off to the sea. But unfortunately clouds and fog ruined migration on the afternoon. So "only" 560 individuals has been counted today on migration. Our nets turned to be also successful, today we managed to catch and ring 5 Sparrowhawks.
Other migration has been rather quiet today, but several local birds - Whinchat/ kadakatäks Saxicola rubertra 1, Whetear/ kivitäks Oenanthe oenanhte 1 and Greenshank/ heletilder Tringa nebularia 1.

/Tarvo Valker/

The predator's portrait (male Sparrowhawk)

Incredible body size difference between female (left) and male (right) Sparrowhawks

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