Friday, September 21, 2012

The finches on the move

The migration of the landbirds is gradually moving toward a peak. Today our FINNO-ESTONIAN team consisting of Timo Pettai and Andrus Kuus has counted the top number finches in the migration. There was alamost 50 thousand of songbirds in total, 43 000 Chaffinches / metsvint Fringilla colelebs, 2145 Siskins / siisike Carduelis spinus and 2800 unidentified small songbirds counted. The raptors had also the best migration day so far – 146 Sparrowhawks / raudkull Accipiter nisus, 6 Kestrels / tuuletallaja Falco tinnunculus and Honey Buzzard / herilaseviu Pernis apivorus, 4 Merlins / väikepistrik Falco columbarius,  3 Marsh Harriesrs /roo-loorkull Circus aeruginosus, 2 Hobby / lõopistrik Falco subbuteo, and 1 Montagu’s Harrier / soo-loorkull Circus pygargus and Hen Harrier / välja-loorkull Circus cyaneus has been counted.

Timo is counting finches and Andrus will writing the data. We have new wind screen installed in order to be prepared for the cold and windy autumn

Migrating Sparrowhawk

Migrating Merlin

The weird-looking cloud formations in the sky

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