Sunday, September 23, 2012

The day off

The change of weather. The wind turned north during the night and with it came cold air and showers of drizzle. This brought with it three flocks of Geese but little else. Real day-off-Sunday with low bird activity! Chaffinches and other Passerines were flying in circles around the southern end of the island with just a few daring the sea-crossing. A group of 26 Jays / pasknäär Garrulus glandarius visited the south-western tip. The winds has turned to the west for the day and there were rainshowers all the time. But in the evening the sky cleared and the wind is now in the north again.

/Timo Pettai/

Another shower arriving over sea from the west
The long shutter speed resulted gloomy ghost looking image of Cormorants, flying to their northern roosting places in the background of the dark sky

At the beginning of the night the sky was clearing from the clouds and rising moon is peeking behind the clouds

Few minutes later, the sky above us was clear, revealing the zillions of stars. The lighthouse and navigation buoy, shining on the sea in the right, guiding seaman's in their journeys. And the stars showing the way for the migrating birds. And indeed, our radars showed fairly good migration to the south and south-west. Vertical radar has picked up some birds exceeding even 1000m altitude border

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