Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nice autumn day

Today morning wind slightly increased up to 6 m/s and turned to the east. That offered for me, Mati and Timo another nice migration day. The majority of passing migrants were Finches again - Chaffinches/ metsvint Fringilla coelebs 59 500m, Bramblings/ põhjavint Fringilla montifringilla 100m and Siskins/ siisike Carduelis spinus 5 900m (+Passeriformes 68 200m). That means that in total approximately 135, 000 passerines has been counted today at southern tip of Kihnu island. Among passerines, best of the autumn season for Hawfinches/ suurnokk-vint Coccothraustes coccothraustes 28m and Woodlarks/ nõmmelõoke Lullula arborea 23m.
Today also Pigeons started their autumn migration which should reach to its peak in first decade of October. Today 1 060 Wood Pigeons/ kaelustuv Columba palumbus were counted, but more interesting has been numbers of Stock Doves/ õõnetuvi Columba oenas - already 95 ind. passing the island today. The best daily count for this species from one place at autumn migration in Estonia is only 225 individuals, so it will be interesting if Kihnu will beat the standing autumn migration record for this species from Sõrve peninsula.
Beside Pigeons, also Geese had first migration day - Bean Goose/ rabahani Anser fabalis 257m, White-fronted Goose/ suur-laukhani Anser albifrons 20m (+Anser/Branta species 1 140m). Probably more passing the island during the night - last migrating flock has been observed at 19:40 p.m.
Other species today on migration - 1 adult Peregrine Falcon/ rabapistrik Falco peregrinus, 4 Merlins/ väikepistrik Falco columbarius, 3 Honey Buzzards/ herilaseviu Pernis apivorus and Golden Plover/ rüüt Pluvialis apricaria 63 (best for the autumn season). Local birds nearby our field station - 1 Rock Pipit/ randkiur Anthus petrosus, 1 Great Grey Shrike/ hallõgija Lanius excubitor (first of the autumn season) and from late migrants - 1 Whitethroat/ pruunselg-põõsalind Sylvia communis and 1 Willow Warbler/ salu-lehelind Phylloscopus throchilus.
Weather forecast for the tommorrow is very suitable to get even bigger passerine counts - a bit stronger southeastern wind what should force small birds to fly lower altitudes and this makes more easier to pick them up from the sky.


This young Lesser-spotted Woodpecker was posing nicely just next to our observation place

Two Lesser-spotted Woodpeckers at the very last tree in the spit. The male has already took off and female has joined moment later and they headed to the sea

Some Jay's have visited our station area, but no one went to the sea

Flock of Wood Pigeons passing our bird radar :)

             The adult and juvenile White-tailed Eagles has been fighting in near the SE spit called
              Ristinä. Unfortunately, I was prepared enough to get sharpness to these birds, but I would
             still like to share this powerful moment.

Second later, the juvenile was already in the lower position and loosing his chances

The things made clear and order restored

This is not dust on the camera sensor - those are Wood Pigeons and Stock Doves passing the Kihnu island. Photo by Tarvo Valker

A group of Stock Doves heading towards Ruhnu island.  Photo by Tarvo Valker

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