Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lot of wind and some birds

Today, Kihnu has been one of the windest place in Estonia again. Southwestern wind, reaching up to 16 m/s, hold back migrants. Still, Sparrohawks / raudkull Accipiter nisus kept trying to cross the sea, but most of them kept going and returning without any success. During 4 hours standard watch only 21 migrating Sparrowhawks were counted. Other migrating raptors today - one Honey Buzzard / herilaseviu Pernis apivorus, Marsh Harrier / roo-loorkull Circus aeruginosus and Merlin / väikepistrik Falco columbarius.
Small passerines seems to be waiting better conditions - only some small flocks of White Wagtails / linavästrik Motacilla alba and Siskins / siisike Carduelis spinus departured the island. Although many migrants are waiting for right wind to fly over the sea, some nocturnal movement has taken place during last night. Today, small flocks of Coldcrests / pöialpoiss Regulus regulus has been heard and seen in several places on the island. Also 2-3 Spotted Flycatchers / hall kärbsenäpp Muscicapa striata feeding nearby.
Local birds at the spit included today two adult Oystercatchers / meriski Haematopus ostralegus and one Bar-tailed Godwit / vöötsaba-vigle Limosa lapponica. At the western side of the island, a flock of 55 Dunlins / soorüdi Calidris alpina and 5 Little Stints / väikerüdi Calidris minuta has been recorded.


Greenshank is looking for the breakfast in the pond of the local gravel pit

The Greenshank has got his prey - the Caddisfly larvae 

The Common Grass snake is pretending to be dead - there are many of them now crossing roads, probably mowing to the hibernation quarters. I have managed to save this individual. Then I have stopped the car and went to check him with camera, he spontaneously fold himself into rings and positioned the head like dead-looking! Then I have observed from distance, how the snake "awake" and rise the head like usual and smell the air with it's tongue.

The Mute Swans tray very hard to fly against strong wind

The wet and windy - Common Gulls and Bar-tailed Godwit (left) got splashed sprayed by the stormy waves

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