Friday, September 28, 2012

Migrating geese

Third day of arctic geese migration. Today altogether 2 275 geese were counted on migration. The majority (around 80%) among indentified ones has been Great White-fronted Geese/ suur-laukhani Anser albifrons 1 100 (best of the autumn season). Beside that 295 Bean Geese/ Anser fabalis has been counted and 880 Anser sp/ määramata hani. Barnacle Geese/ valgepõsk-lagle Branta leucopsis migration does not reach as far south as Kihnu island - the majority of Barnacles migration passes northwestern Estonia. Therefore only 6 migrating Barnacles has been counted today.
Beside arctic geese, after several weeks small movement of Velvet Scoters/ tõmmuvaeras Melanitta fusca - 380m and Red-throated Divers/ punakurk-kaur Gavia stellata 16m. There has been also 1 juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull/tõmmukajaks Larus fuscus and 1 migrating adult Heuglin`s Gull/ kirde-tõmmukajakas Larus fuscus heuglini. Best of the autumn season for Peregrine Falcon/ rabapistrik Falco peregrinus 3m(+ 1 local bird chasing the gulls).


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