Thursday, September 27, 2012

Misty conditions hold back the migration. Small Geese movement in the morning - Greater Whitefronts/ suur-laukhani Anser albifrons 385m (best of the autumn season) and Bean Goose/ rabahani Anser fabalis 64m (+Anser/Branta - määramata hani/lagle 340m ). There has been also night time Geese migration - our sound recorder has several proofs of passing Great White-fronted Geese flocks.
Together with Geese, the very first 5 Bewick Swans/ väikeluik Cygnus columbanius arrived today at the southern tip of the Kihnu island. Afternoon I did small walk at the western beach and found quite early Snow Bunting/ hangelind Plectrophenax nivalis. 

First Snow Buntings are already on the move. Photo by Tarvo Valker. 

The first Bewick Swans arriving. Photo by Tarvo Valker

The Sunflowers with the bird protection...

... and without protection, but with the happy Great Tits :)

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