Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The songbirds are starting!

Today, the mild south-westerly winds have probably initiated the songbirds migration. Although the nocturnal migrants there are very few in numbers around our base (I have heard couple of Goldcrests / pöialpoiss (Regulus regulus)), the day-time migrants have started notable migration. The most numerous migrant was Tree Pipit / metskiur (Anthus trivialis) with 1221 individuals. This is according the observations database e-elurikkus (elurikkus.ut.ee) the biggest number ever counted (except Sõrve bird observatory in Saaremaa)! The Yellow Wagtail / lambahänilane (Motacilla flava) has also surprisingly numerous in passage - 759 individuals. This is according the same database again the top number recorded for the country except Sõrve! The House Martin / räästapääsuke (Delichon urbica) has also started departure - 425 birds have recorded.

Tree Pipit - hero of the day. 1220 + this bird have been counted in migration

But not all the House Martins are lucky enough to grow up and start migrate. I have found this 5 old nestling fallen dead with the nest from atop of the 34 m lighthouse. The Martins use wet sea algae and mud for nest-building, but this seems to be not very good construction material. Although this was very late breeding pair, without this fatal incident, the nestlings still had fairly good chances to survive and able to migrate away. Now this was not the case. I have to bring some good clay for nest-building in the next year. 

We had rare guest during the bird counting - local regional police officer. She was filling the forms and questioned Margus, who has bad incident in the spring - his camera was stolen.

Nice sky above the vertical (left) and horizontal (right) radars 

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