Thursday, August 9, 2012

The day with the flying water

The strong wind has become full storm in the morning, reaching over 15 m/s average and gusts over 20 m/s. The first westerly storm to witness and I saw first time how the breaking cross-waves crushed into whitish clouds of flying water. Well, I could be nice to watch storm, but my ferry trip back to mainland was cancelled due to strong wind.

The flying water

Splash alarm! Common Sandpiper (vihitaja)

Margus Ellermaa has been in easternmost point of island in this morning. The Common Gull / kalakajakas Larus canus was top migrant again. Over 2000 individuals, made the new mark for the season and this kind of strong migration despite of the storm and early season have surprised even him as one of our most experienced sea-watcher. He counted also 2400 satging individuals of this species in the south-eastern spit and islets. Two Black Terns / mustviires Chlidonias niger, have passed as well. Since the early evening, the wind was pretty much retreating. So, these good conditions have been used by appr 300 Common Gulls and 2 Gray Herons / hallhaigur Ardea cinerea, for migratory start. The fresh mud means fresh food for the waders. So we will check the situation in next days. Today I saw 2 Bar-tailed Godwits / vöötsaba-vigle Limosa lapponica and one  late Oystercatcher / merisk Haematopus ostralegus as new species for the week.

This bloody wind will blow my wings away! Juvenile Common Tern (jõgitiir)

We must rest from the fight with the storm. Juvenile Common terns (jõgitiirud)

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