Friday, August 10, 2012

The mind-blowing morning

Sometimes the bad things could be turn into good ones: as my ferry trip to mainland was cancelled due to storm in yesterday, I had to stay into Kihnu for another night. Waking just before the sunrise at 5:20 for catching early ferry, already the first sight toward sea was mind-blowing. The rising sun have painted the fancy looking cumulus clouds with orangey cast and intense dark blue underside was promising rain and pictures as well! I have had privilege to see many sunrises and sunsets in seaside in many different places, but today’s sunrise seascape was something really extraordinary.  And the whole scenery wasn’t perfect without completely flat sea with sky reflections. What a contrast in change of the sea state within 24h!

Our field station, lighthouse and bird radars in the morning scenery. Photo Mati Kose

Fantastic sunrise seascape scenery. Photo Mati Kose

In a hurry to the harbour, I have just noticed the gulls, terns and cormorants are very active and flying around in all sea sectors to find some storm-shaken fish for a food. But the calm night was also good for the night migrating songbirds and probably some of them have dropped down to the woodland around our field station as well. So I heard calls of the first Robin / punarind Erithacus rubecula for the autumn season.

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