Thursday, August 23, 2012

Even more pipits and weird duck

Today, the migrating Tree Pipits / metskiur (Anthus trivalis) have shifted in the next gear - a whopping 3458 migrating birds has been counted by Margus and Andrea. This is new record for the species outside the Sõrve bird observatory in Saaremaa! The most of the local swallows and Martins congregations are now gone, and birds are clearly heading out to the migration over the sea.

After the hunters attack to the South-Easterly cape Risitnä and Aasalaiu islets at 20 th., about half of the pre-hunting dabbing duck gathering (1200 ducks) is regrouping. Among others, Margus have spotted weird-looking hybrid between Goldeneye and Smew /sõtka ja väikekoskla hübriid (Bucephala clangula x Mergus albellus).  

The hybrid between Goldeneye and Smew left in the center. The Goldeneye right gives good comparison. The hybrid individual shows bulky rounded head of the Goldeneye, but have white cheeks and sharp and curved bill from the Smew. /Phto M. Ellermaa/

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