Monday, July 16, 2012

In the heart of the Summertime storm!

It was obvious in the morning, that extreme weather in the form of heavy south-westerly winds and rain spells     make this Sunday memorable. Unusual summertime storm, warm enough fortunately. By checking national weather data, our excitement was even higher -  Kihnu (and the surrounding waters of the Livonian bay) is in the middle of storm with strongest wind throughout the country! The wind has reached it's peaks at 18:00 15,2 m/s and spells up to 20 m/s! This is strong even for autumn and winter storm season. It was weird, that in the shores of the Livonian bay and other coastal sites, the wind was very modest and nowhere even close to Kihnu!

Bird's activity was low, especially in the morning with heavy rain. There was some flocks of the Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) flying around the island and some scavenging gulls and terns as well. Most of the Arctic-, Common- and Sandwich Terns (Sterna paradisea, S. hirundo, S. sandvicensis) (50 birds in sum) rested on islets and stones and made only short feeding flights.

The gray morning with the great waves. /Photo M.Kose/

The short flights only! (Photo M. Kose/

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