Friday, July 20, 2012

Cormorants, birding and barbecue

Today the wind has finally starting to slow down and last couple of hours before sunset, air and sea stayed absolutely still. It was very magical moment with flat sea with extraordinary colors and reflections from sky and clouds. We with Andrus have decided to combine the late evening birdwatching with the small barbecue and beer session. We expected some birds takeoff for the evening sea crossing but only dozen Grey Herons Ardea cinerea have flew to SW over the sea.  Flock of 18 Common Sandpipers Tringa hypoleuca have made attempt as well, but returned. 

There was several waterbirds with non-fledged offspring came out to feed on sea at the evening Mute Swans Cygnus olor, Coot Fulica atra and Mergansers. The local fishermen s have used the calm moment also for putting in their fishing gear.

The morning was in respect of migration very quiet. But the Great Cormorants Phalacocorax carbo had til the moment biggest movement - 5017 individuals where counted. In the biggest flock, there was over 2000 birds! But this is not real migration, but rather wondering around from one resting and feeding spot to another. But it is still indicating, that Cormorants has been activating and may start departing soon. Our local rarity - the Crested Lark Galerida cristata - has showing up again in the spit at this morning. 

Birding and barbecue

Back from the fishing trip

The migrating Grey Herons

The Mute Swan family

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